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1. I have an irrational fear of cute animals like rabbits and dolphins. Furthermore, I really like animals like sharks and crocodiles.

2. Many people don’t believe me when I say the first thing, hehe (And I don’t blame them! It’s ridiculous!)

3. I’m a very affectionate person with people I admire. Although IRL, I’m really self-obsessed, sarcastic and a half anti-romantic.

4. I had a lot of imaginary friends in my childhood. Some had no faces and names, each of them scheduled a different voice than me to, altering my voice.

5. My favourite color is red. Other: Black, white and dark blue.

6. Irl, I talk a lot, maybe too xD

7. My favorite kind of dog is the Rottweiler ♥

8. I ship all ships with love <3

9. I love my girlfriend. (But I’m not saying much this, someday… I regret not doing it)

10. I don’t know what else to say uvu

I like this, i like you, yeah, i like <3

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Volavarn and I have collected and hoarded these, in order to make good use of them one day. Now we decided to share them, so all of you could use them too:

Color Pallet Generator


Clothing References/Costumes

HD Movie Screenshots

People and Animals - Classes

Muscles and Bones

Anatomy - you have to log in with your google or facebook account though

Concept Art

and always rememberimage

have fun :D